Spiral stabilization is:


  •   The upward extension of the body. Traction force is created by the oblique abdominal muscles and the transverse abdominal muscle, which are activated through movement of the arm and shoulder blade backward and downward.
  •   The intensive strengthening of the oblique abdominal muscles, activated by the movement of the arm and the shoulder blade in the axial body position. This is the natural activation of the abdominal muscles. The abdominal wall moves inward, the waist perimeter descreases.
  •   Highly effective active stretching.
  •   The quick onset of the contraction of the stabilizing muscle spirals in unstable position. Quick stabilization in sports serves as effective prevention of the overburdening of the spine and at the same time as a route to better mobility. This is why spiral stabilization is conditioning training and prevention in sports of the German national aerobic teams.
  •   Conditioning training and regeneration of top athletes.
  •   The opportunity to strengthen the abdominal muscles where other methods of doing so are not possible ( contraindications ).
  •   The opportunity to treat spinal diseases where other treatments have failed.
  •   A stable walk



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